How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For Laptops In 2022? [Full Guide]

How much does a pawn shop pay for laptops? This is a question that is asked by laptop users who want to buy a new laptop for themselves and want to sell their old laptop at a reasonable price.

Selling your laptop at pawnshops such as pawnguru or pawnamerica is really worth it. While selling laptops on pawnshops they see many factors such as the condition of the laptop, the brand of the laptop, and many more and then decide the price of the laptop.

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Usually, the most selling items on the pawnshops are electronics such as laptops, mobiles, tablets, computers, etc. Also, keep in mind they usually buy the newer versions and models of the laptops and pay the best price for them.

They have the latest data on laptop pawn rates, when you list your laptop in a pawn shop the buyer will see the condition of your laptop and then tell you the desired price of buying your laptop.

There will be many pawn shops in your local area where you can sell your laptop physically but also there are some online portals like pawnguru which deal with you online. 

When you list your laptop on it, and buyers arrive on your product listing they will send you an email and you can chat with them further.

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In this article, we will discuss how much pawn shops pay for your laptop. And also some other information about the pawnshops that you should know before selling your laptop on it.

How To Sell Laptop At Pawnshops?

The next question that comes into your mind is “what is the process of selling a laptop at a pawn shop?” The process is very simple, all you have to do is just find a pawn shop either in your local area or in an online portal. 

For a local pawn shop, you have to visit it physically but for online portals, you have simply go there and create an account on it.

After creating an account at the pawnshop you have to list your laptop on it. You have to mention complete detail of your laptop, like the laptop brand, specifications of laptop such as ram, memory, etc, model of the laptop screen size, and every detail that is possible.

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After you give the complete details of your laptop and listed it, then your laptop list will be live and it will be visible to the pawns, a pawn who is interested to buy your laptop comes on your list and will talk to you further for final price and other things.

Once your deal is done then the buyer will send you money and you have to send your laptop to the buyer, when the laptop sends to the buyer pawn shop will send you your money.

How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For Laptop?

Now, let’s come to the main question which is “how much do pawn shops pay for the laptop?” the answer to this question depends on many factors like the brand, model, and specifications of the laptop. 

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We have listed a graph below where we mentioned the price that you can get your laptop from the pawn shop along with the brand of the laptop. These are not the exact or final prices it’s just an estimation.

how much pawn shops pay for laptop by brands
Laptop price By Brand At Pawnshop

Factors That Pawns See While Purchasing Laptop:

As we stated earlier that there are some factors that pawns see before buying a laptop in the pawn shops. 

So, let’s start discussing these factors one by one:

What Brand Is Your Laptop?

The first thing that can influence your laptop to the buyer is the brand of your laptop, whether it’s Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, or something else.

Besides the brand of the laptop it will also depend on the model of your laptop, the latest the model of your laptop the more money you be paid.

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Keep in mind older model laptops are not easily sold in pawn shops nowadays if they are still in the good condition then there are some chances that you can get a fair price.

Above we have mentioned the rate list of the laptops by the brand that you can get for your laptop, but these prices are not fixed, the prices may vary depending on the condition of the laptop.

Check The Condition Of Your Laptop:

Another important factor that will decide the price of your is the current condition of the laptop. If your laptop has any kind of dents on it, flags, bubbles, or any other damage then the price of your laptop will be dropped.

If your laptop’s condition is not much good then you can consider selling it in scrap, by selling it in scrap you can get a little amount, and it is better than throwing your laptop in the garbage.

But if you want to get a good price for your laptop even if it is in the bad condition then you have to do something before selling it in the pawn shop.

You have to repair your laptop and make its condition better, clean it very well so its look new before selling it. If you sell it after repairing then you can get a fair price for your laptop.

On the other hand, if your laptop condition is good and it does not have any damage then you will get a good price for it.

What Kinds Of Laptops & Tablets Get The Most Money?

Now your next question might be, what kind of laptops and tablets get the most money from the pawn shops? Let us answer this question briefly.

Usually, Apple, Dell, HP, Sony, and Toshiba laptops get the most money from pawn shops, on the other hand, if your tablet is from Apple, Samsung, or Google they will get the most price. 

But the condition of the laptop and tablet also matter, only the brand of the laptop and tablet does not make it much worthy at pawn shops.

If we talk about the computers/PCs that are designed for gaming and they are from Razer, Alienware, or MSI they will get the most cash.

What Are The Lowest & Highest Prices For Pawing A Laptop?

As we have already shown a graph of prices along with the brand name, let us give you the lowest and highest price of the laptop again.

The lowest, highest, and average prices that you can get from the pawn shops are:

  • The minimum offer is $1.
  • The maximum offer is $1200.
  • The average offer that you can get is $215.

How To Sell Laptop On Pawn Shop Effectively?

Now, the question is “how to sell a laptop in a pawn shop effectively” This is a question that many people ask before pawing the laptop whereas many people ignore it.

But you should know how to sell your laptop in a proper way in a pawn shop. There are some suggestions that you have to take a deep look on it before selling your laptop in pawn shops.

1: Backup All Your Data:

The first thing that you have to do before selling a laptop in a pawn shop is back up your data in a pen drive, hard disk, or anywhere you want to use it further in the future.

After backing up your data make sure to delete all of your data from the laptop or computer that you are going to sell in the pawn shop. 

No one wants someone else to see their personal data on their laptop that is why It is necessary to take the backup and format your laptop completely before selling it, so no one can access your personal data from your laptop after buying it.

2: Systematically Clean Your Laptop:

The next thing that you have to do is to systematically clean your laptop before selling it in the pawnshop. You have to clean your laptop’s internal device to remove all the dust and also you can clean the exterior of your laptop like the screen, keyboard, and back to make it look newer.

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It is recommended that you clean your laptop with a damp cloth so there are no marks left on it. It would be beneficial for your if you clean your laptop properly before selling it.

Before selling your laptop to the “pawnbroker” you have to test your laptop completely and check if there is any problem with it if the pawnbroker finds a fault in it will send a warning to the buyer that the laptop is not good there are some defects in it. 

This way you cannot get the good cash, you have to scan for smudges and fingerprints on the screen before you go to the pawnbroker. Also, you have to scan and test each part of your laptop if you want to get good cash.

3: Make Sure Pawnshops Buy Laptops:

The next thing that you have to do before selling your laptop at pawnshops is to make sure whether the pawnshop buys laptops, computers, or tablets or not.

Usually not all the pawnshops buy laptops or computers, you have to find one in your local area or online that buys laptops and then you can sell your laptop to them.

4: Learn The Details Of Your Laptop Before You Sell It:

If you know the details of your laptop, then you can easily negotiate the price of your laptop while selling it to the pawn shop. 

You can tell the features and specifications of your laptop to the pawnbroker and can get a good price for your laptop. But it will happen only when you know the details of your laptop completely.

The details that you should keep in your mind before pawing your laptop are:

  • The Manufacturer or Brand name.
  • Model or series number of your laptop.
  • Ram and memory of your laptop.
  • Hard drive size.
  • Battery timing of your laptop.
  • The processor of your laptop.
  • The screen size of your laptop.

What Do Pawn Shops Pay Excessive Prices For?

In today’s modern pawn shops, jewelry is an item that gets the most price from the pawn shop. It is among the most priceless asset.

Apart from the jewelry, there are also a few things that can get the most price from the pawn shops which are listed below:

  • Pawn shops will pay the most money for weaponry like guns, pistols, and hangouts.
  • Also, it will pay a handsome amount of money for electronic gadgets.
  • The purchasable goods also get the most money from the pawnshops.

Frequently Asked Questions:

There are some questions that are in the mind of people before they pawn their laptops in the pawn shops, Let’s discuss these questions.

Can I Sell My Laptop At Pawn Shop?

Yes, you can sell your laptop at a pawn shop, when you take your laptop to a pawn shop your laptop will be checked completely, and then the pawnbroker will offer you the amount of your laptop depending on the brand of the laptop and its condition.

The latest and in good condition your laptop the more money you will get from the pawn shop.

How Do pawn Shops Determine The Value Of Your Laptop?

When you bring in your laptop to a pawn shop, the first thing they’ll do is try to figure out how much it’s worth. They’ll take into account the make and model of the laptop, as well as its condition. 

If it’s a newer model that’s in good condition, it’s likely to be worth more than an older model that’s in poor condition. 

The pawn shop will also research comparable sales prices to get an idea of how much they could sell your laptop for.

After detailed checking and analysis, they will offer the amount for your laptop.

How Much Worth Of HP Laptop At Pawn Shop?

As we stated earlier laptop price depends on many factors, but on average, the HP laptop’s worth in the pawn shop is between $50 to $500, but it’s not the fixed one. It may vary according to the pawn shops. 

What Happens When You Pawn A Laptop?

When you pawn a laptop, the first thing that happens is that the pawnbroker will assess its value. They’ll look at factors like the make and model, any damage, and how much it’s worth on the open market. 

Once they’ve decided on a value, they’ll offer you a loan based on that amount. If you accept the loan, you’ll have to pay it back plus interest within a certain timeframe. If you don’t, the pawnbroker will keep your laptop and sell it to recoup their losses.

You can also sell it at the price that the pawnbroker will offer you if you don’t want to take a loan.

Is Buying A Laptop From Pawn Shop Worth It?

You might be wondering if buying a laptop from a pawn shop is worth it. The answer is: it depends. If you’re looking for a cheap laptop, then a pawn shop is a great option. 

However, if you’re looking for a high-quality or new laptop, then you should probably avoid pawn shops. Usually, the laptops in the pawn shops are used, people sell these laptops in the pawn shops when they get old or when they want to buy a new laptop.

Final thoughts On How Much Pawn Shops Pays For Laptop:

After reading this detailed article, we hope that you will get the answer to your question “how much pawn shops pay for a laptop”. As we discuss briefly in this article, there are many factors that decide the price of your laptop like the brand, its current condition, etc.

If you want to get a new laptop then there is no need to throw your laptop in the garbage you can simply sell your laptop at pawn shops and can get a fair price for your laptop.

We have also told you “how you can sell your laptop effectively at pawn shops”. By keeping all these things in your mind you can get a handsome amount for your laptop.

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