What Are The Specifications Of A Good Laptop?

What are the specifications of a good laptop? This is a question that is in the mind of every laptop user while buying a laptop for themself.

Every laptop user wants to know the specifications of a good laptop so that they can get a good one the first time and don’t need to change laptops repeatedly.

A good laptop has all the specifications that every laptop user should need while using it.

As technology upgrades, humans have to upgrade themselves, too. You will see the huge difference between 10 years ago laptops and today’s laptops.

As times are gone, and new laptops with too many specifications come into the market, people want to upgrade their laptops with modern technology and specifications.

The specifications of a good laptop include high ram, strong processor, longer battery life, SSD hard drive, etc. A laptop must have all these specifications to consider a good laptop.

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Before buying a new laptop, everyone should check the specifications of a good laptop that best suits their needs.

If you want to buy a new laptop for the first time or upgrade from the old one, then you must know the specifications of a good laptop.

Different laptops have different specifications. If you are a student and want to buy a laptop for your college or school, or you are an office worker or a gamer and want to play games on your laptop, all laptops require different specifications according to their needs.

Before you buy a laptop for yourself, you need to know the features of a laptop that makes it a good device.

In this article, we will discuss “what are the specifications of a good laptop” in detail. We will also recommend laptops according to your needs, like gaming, college, office work, etc.

Choose The Platform For Your Laptop:

When it comes to choosing a platform for your laptop, maybe it’s a difficult task for you, especially when you are unfamiliar with laptops.

Most laptops come with one of the three platforms nowadays: Windows OS, Mac OS, and Chrome OS.

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Now let’s discuss the features of all of them one by one.

Windows OS:

Windows Operating system is more flexible and common among people, and it runs on most laptops compared to Chrome OS or Mac OS.

Windows laptops are also very cheap, ranging from 200$ laptops to thousands plus. The latest Windows laptops come with new features like a touchscreen and fingerprints.

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The latest version of Microsoft Windows 11 has more features than Windows, 7,8 and 10. Windows laptops are very easy to use and are very common among people.

If you want a laptop for your business, college, or hobby, then you can consider the Windows laptop a good option.


After the Windows OS, Mac OS became very common among people. Mac OS is developed by Apple Company which has captured most of the market, and Apple mobiles are very popular in every country. After the success of mobile people, they launched the Macbook to their customers, and customers like Macbooks also. 

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Compared to Windows laptops, Mac laptops have more features, and the interface of Mac laptops is very user-friendly.

Mac OS is not built for touch screens compared to Windows, but it has other features like using Mac. Using the Apple watch, you can perform transactions, take calls and texts, and unlock your laptop.

Chrome OS:

Chromebook is a special laptop that runs on Chrome OS instead of Mac or Windows OS. They put a huge focus on Google apps and Websites.

If you want to perform diverse tasks, like watching movies and playing games navigating social networks chatting online using the internet, you can go with the Chromebook as they are specifically designed for that purpose.

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In schools and among parents, Chromebooks are very popular as they are very secure, and school students and parents prevent their laptops from malware attacks.

Still, It also has some limitations to Windows OS and Mac OS.

In short, all laptops have the features of a Chromebook, but all Chromebooks do not have the features of a laptop.

A laptop like Windows and Mac OS runs on the operating system, but Chromebooks run on Chrome OS (Web-based). They are also cheaper than Windows and Mac laptops.

Top 10 Specification To Check Before Buying A Laptop:

Before buying a new laptop, one should check its specifications according to their needs.

We have listed the specifications of a good laptop and which things you should consider before buying one.

RAM Of Laptop:

When you think about good laptop specifications, the most important thing is its Ram. You must purchase your laptop with good ram.

For example, there are laptops available in the market with different Rams from 4GB to 32GB.

If you are a student or a businessman, a laptop with 4GB or 8GB RAM is enough for you as long as you don’t run heavy programs on it.

Gaming laptops require more RAM to run games, so if you want a laptop for gaming, the RAM should be a minimum of 8GB, but 16GB is recommended.

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So before choosing the laptop, you should check its RAM according to your needs.

Processor Of Laptop:

After checking the RAM, you should check the laptop’s processor, also known as the CPU(Central Processing Unit), which is the brain of the Computer.

In your good laptop specifications list processor is the main part. The more powerful the laptop’s processor, the more smoothly your laptop will run.

If you have a powerful computer processor, you can easily run heavy software like Solidworks and Video Editing Software, or you can play games as well.

Intel provides many processors like Corei3, Corei5, Corei7, etc. The latest version of the Intel processor is the Intel Corei7 which is incredible for playing games and running heavy programs.

Hard Drive Of Laptop:

The next part of our specification list is Hard Drive. It would be best if you also considered this when you are buying a new laptop.

It has two types; one is HDD (Hard Disk Drive) which is the data storage device it lives inside the computer, it stores the data that is in our computer, and the other is SSD (Solid State Drive) which has a low storage capacity, and it is not moving in the computer. 

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HDD can store a lot of data, but SSD can’t. SSD is unavailable on most laptops, but HDD is available on almost every laptop.

For most of the heavy laptops that are used for gaming or running heavy programs, SSD is installed. The Computers which have SSD installed on it are faster than those that don’t have an SSD.

That’s why people who want to use heavy programs on their laptops will go with those laptops with SSD.

Battery Of Laptop:

After the RAM, Processor, and Hard Drive, you should also consider the laptop’s battery when buying a new laptop.

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As the laptop is a portable device and runs on a battery, a good laptop has more than 7 hours of battery timing. If you want to use your laptop outside of the home for college or office purposes, then 7 hours of battery timing laptop is good for you.

Screen Size Of Laptop:

Screen size is also another part of our good laptop specification list. When it comes to a good laptop experience, screen resolution plays an important role. Some people like a mini laptop but others like big screen sizes.

Here are some different laptop screen sizes.

11 to 12 Inches Laptop:

The thinnest and lightest laptops come with a screen size of 11 to 12 inches and weigh around 2.5 to 3.5 pounds. They are also called mini laptops.

13 to 14 Inches Laptop:

These laptops weigh around 4 to 4.5 pounds and are good for usability. Most laptop users like 13 to 14 inches laptop screens because they are best for viewing the content on the laptop.

15 to 16 Inches Laptop:

These laptops’ sizes are very popular and good for every profession. They usually weigh around 4.5 to 5.5 pounds.

If you are a gaming lover or want a laptop for watching movies, listening to songs, etc., you can pick a laptop with a 15 to 16 inches screen. These laptops are a little bit heavier in size and are put heavyweight in your backpack.

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So if you want a laptop for gaming and watching movies, they are the best option.

They are not recommended for school/college or office because, in school/college, you have to carry your laptop from class to class, so if the laptop weight is heavy, it will create problems for you.

17 to 18 Inches Laptop:

These laptops are good for gaming and watching movies and Tv shows purpose as these laptops give more ease for watching movies or playing games. Their weight is above 5.5 pounds.

2-in-1 Laptop:

These laptops are very popular among the young generations as they have 2-in-1 features and can be used as tablets and laptops. Their screens are detachable and rotatable.

Many brands (Dell, Hp, Acer, Asus) introduced the 2-in-1 laptop in the market.

Camera Of Laptop:

If you are a teacher, student, office worker, or businessman, then you need to conduct a video conference through Zoom App.

To improve the video conference experience, you need a good camera on your laptop. 

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It is a digital device whose main purpose is to transmit pictures over the Internet.

Windows 10 laptops can open their computer by looking closely at the screen. This feature is called as Windows Hello feature.

You should keep in mind the camera of the laptop while buying it.

Laptop With USB Type C Port:

The latest laptops come with the USB Type C Port, as USB Port is a necessary part of the laptop.

If we have a laptop with a USB Type C Port, then we can charge our laptop with a C Type charger.

As this feature is not available on the old laptops, it is available only on the new laptop. If you have a laptop with a USB Type C Port, then you can charge your laptop battery in the car as well when traveling.

Touch Screen Laptop:

These laptops are very popular now, though using your laptop as a tablet or mobile is a pretty cool feature.

Instead of typing on the keyboard and clicking on the mousepad, the laptop has a touchscreen feature.

You can touch the screen to perform any function, and a keypad is available on them.

But these laptops are supported only in Windows OS. Acer, Dell, Hp, etc., launched these types of laptops.

Choose The Brand:

When buying a new laptop, you should also consider the brands with a good market reputation.

In the last few years, the Apple MacBook is more popular as it has pretty cool features. Apart from Apple, you can also consider Dell, Hp, or any other brands according to your needs.

Plan Your Budget:

The last and most important factor for buying a laptop is deciding your budget. Different types of laptops are available in the market ranging from 200$ to 1000$ plus. 

Now it’s up to your budget and requirements from which you are going. If you want a laptop with better display performance and high speed, you should go above 500$ laptops.

After selecting the laptop, ask yourself whether it is good for me. Will it fulfill my needs? If it fulfills your needs, then you should go for it.

Bottom Line of Specifications of A Good Laptop:

As we have mentioned, you should know all the possible specifications of the laptop before buying one.

When buying a laptop for yourself, you must keep these things in your mind so that you can choose the best laptop for your needs on the best budget.

The most important things you should remember are the laptop battery, ram, hard drive, and processor.

Keep in mind that investing one time in buying a good laptop is better than buying a low-priced one on a monthly or yearly basis.

Now it’s up to you which specifications you want in your laptop. We have mentioned all the specifications that a good laptop should have.

After reading this article, we hope you can now buy a laptop according to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the Specifications of a Programming Laptop?

To use programming software like an Android studio, you need a powerful laptop to run heavy programs easily.

Laptops with the best specs for programming:

  1. A CPU from Intel or AMD (or, even better, both), Core i7, or AMD Ryzen 7 is recommended.
  2. A dedicated graphics card, probably from Nvidia (but AMD also has some nice cards that can be used on laptops). 
  3. 8GB of RAM or more than that. 
  4. Bigger, better screens. 
  5. One that is lightweight.

What are the specifications of a Student Laptop?

Well, it depends on your school or college requirements and field of study. If you are studying programming, graphic designing, or Video Editing, you must use software like android studio, adobe photoshop, and adobe illustrator.

All these software are heavy in size and consume more power to run smoothly.

So you should choose a laptop with a Core i7 processor, 8GB or 16GB ram, longer battery life of up to 10 hours, 500GB SSD storage, and lightweight(if you have to take it to the office or school).

Apart from the above fields, you don’t need a powerful laptop if you want a laptop for nursing school study, law study, etc.

You can go with a laptop with 4GB to 8GB ram and a Core i5 to Core i7 processor.

What Are the Specifications of a Gaming Laptop?

 A gaming laptop is a type of laptop designed for playing video games. It is distinguished from general-purpose computers by its ability to process the heavy number-crunching required by video games.

A typical gaming laptop will have a powerful CPU and GPU, large RAM, and a high-resolution display.

Such laptops are often expensive, but their performance will be more than adequate for most tasks other than gaming.

Many different specifications can be used to describe a computer. The following are some of the most important:

CPU (Central Processing Unit): 

This is the “Brain” of your computer and handles all calculations in software programs. Low-end CPUs may only handle up to 4 threads at once, while high-end ones can handle dozens or even hundreds. 

A CPU with more cores allows applications to run faster than one with fewer cores because each core can work on its task simultaneously.

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit):

This handles graphics processing tasks such as rendering images from 3D models into 2D images that can be displayed onscreen or printed on paper (or both). 

Apart from CPU and GPU, you need at least 8GB of ram to play lower-end games, but if you want to play high-end games that are heavy in size, then we recommend 16GB of ram.

500GB SSD storage or above is recommended for a gaming laptop; most gamers like big-screen laptops, which are 15 to 17 inches, as they provide the best gaming experience.

Gaming laptops are usually heavy in size, and their battery life is shorter than other laptops because they consume much power.

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