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How to fix pressure spots on the LCD screen? This is a question that is asked by many laptop and tv users who get white spots on their LCD screens by just putting much pressure on it or due to some other reasons.

Whenever people get white spots on their LCD screens they panic and think that they need to replace their LCD screens as there are no other solutions to this problem.

In this technology era, almost every person is dependent on the laptop for doing their work, and apart from work people watch their favorite movies and serials on the laptop and TV.

As a laptop or Tv user, you know very well that the screen is the most important component in both laptop and Tv and if it gets damaged then you can do anything on your laptop. 

Because without a display or with a damaged display you can’t normally do your work or watch your favorite movies or serials.

Getting pressure marks on the LCD screen is a problem that many people face and due to a lack of knowledge about it, they put their laptops into the trash as they think white spots can’t be removed from the screen.

We will discuss “how to remove pressure spots from the LCD screen” in this detail. Also, we will discuss what will be the common problems that you would face if you have pressure spots on your LCD screen and how you can prevent your LCD screen from getting any kind of pressure spots.

After reading this detailed article, on how to get rid of pressure spots on the LCD screen you would be able to easily remove these spots and get your LCD screen back into its normal condition.

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What Are The Pressure Spots On The LCD Screen?

The pressure spots are actually white color spots or dots that usually appear on your laptop or Tv screen when you apply much pressure on it. When these white spots appear on your screen it becomes irritating and weird. 

Sometimes these white spots on your LCD screen are temporary and sometimes they become permanent when you put too much weight or pressure on the LCD screen when they become permanent these spots can’t be removed easily and you have to change the screen.

What Causes White Spots On The LCD Screen?

Before knowing “how to fix white spots on the LCD screen” you should first know what actually causes the white spots on the LCD screen.

The white spots or dots appear on the LCD screen due to the reflector lens that is inside the TV or laptop. 

Sometimes these reflector lenses fall from their actual place and are stuck in front of the laptop or Tv screen and as a result white spots or dots are shown on the LCD screen.

If you don’t fix these white spots on time then sometimes they become permanent and can’t be removed easily.

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How To Fix Pressure Spots On The LCD Screen?

Now, let’s discuss the most important part of this article, which is “how to remove pressure spots from the LCD screen?”

Although it’s difficult to remove pressure spots from the LCD screen it’s not impossible to remove, using the right techniques you can easily remove them.

By following the below-mentioned tips on “how to get rid of pressure spots on the LCD screen” you can easily remove them.

This method is suitable for you if you have prior knowledge about the LCD screen of a laptop or Tv. 

If you don’t have prior knowledge then we recommend you to take help from an expert technician who has prior knowledge about LCD screens, because LCD screens are very sensitive and get more damaged if you do anything wrong.

Follow these steps to get rid of pressure spots on the LCD screen:

  • Completely shut down your laptop or Tv and remove every kind of external cable.
  • Apply moderate pressure on the screen where you saw pressure spots.
  • Now, open your laptop or Tv and see if these spots are removed or not.
  • Maybe the bubbles or the spots were removed temporarily or permanently.

If the pressure spots are removed by doing this then well and good otherwise you have to replace the LCD screen of your laptop or Tv. 

If your LCD screen has white spots due to putting moderate pressure while packing then it will be removed by doing this, otherwise, there is no solid solution to this problem.

Note: Keep in mind some pressure spots become permanent and they are very hard to remove completely. We are going to discuss removing those pressure spots on the LCD screen that appears on the screen while packing and by putting moderate pressure on the screen.

Common Problems You Could Face When Your LCD Screen Has Pressure Spots:

Here are a few common problems that you could face if your LCD screen has pressure marks on it:

1. Flickering:

The first problem that you could face is when your LCD screen has pressure spots on it flickering. Your LCD screen will randomly start flashing or flickering when you turn on it.

The main reason behind this issue is that your video cable connection is loose from your system. The easy solution to this problem is that you can tighten the cable connection.

Also, sometimes the video cable is damaged and you need to replace this cable in order to get rid of the pressure spots on the LCD screen. 

Another major cause of flickering or flashing is the refresh rate on your laptop, it happens when you play heavy games on your laptop and your laptop does not have the capability to play such heavy games.

2. Vertical Lines:

Given that different screens have varying colors, lines often appear on your screen.

If you want to see how this line appears, press down on your screen to see the bars; they will eventually disappear. Yet, if you exert a lot of pressure, they could also become permanent.

If the vertical lines continue, it is necessary to replace the LCD panel because they are a hardware problem. Hence, it would be advantageous if you regularly updated the graphic cards and drivers over time.

3. Dead Pixels:

When this happens, the pixels that aren’t lighted from behind the screen cause the black dots to show up on your screen.

Although you can use some softwares to fix this problem but not all the time these softwares solve your problem because sometimes these pressure spots become permanent.

4. Cracks & Pots:

You accidentally spill something on it, the screen is falling off the table, and the fracture is yet another common issue brought on by physical harm.

There is no way to solve this problem when the child accidentally strikes the screen with a sharp object. If these are the cases then you need to replace your LCD screen.

5. Buzzing Sound:

Have you ever heard sounds coming from the screen’s back while using your computer or laptop? Older computers tend to have this issue because they employed fluorescent lighting tubes, which produced the sounds.

By giving your computer the regulator without any light interference, you can solve this issue.

How To Prevent LCD Screen From Pressure Spots?

You can prevent your LCD screen from getting pressure spots if you don’t put much pressure on your LCD screen. 

Sometimes people don’t care about their laptops and keep heavy things on their laptop screens and as a result laptop screen gets pressure spots which looks weird. 

Also, keep your laptop or Tv screens away from the kids because they don’t care about it and don’t know its worth and also how sensitive it is.

Final Verdict:

Fixing the pressure spots on the LCD screen is not a big hassle if the pressure spots come by putting moderate pressure during packing or if you put some pressure on the LCD screen by mistake.

Usually, these pressure spots can be removed sometimes by putting normal pressure on the LCD screen where the white spots are but sometimes it becomes permanent and can’t get removed easily.

Then you must have to change your LCD screen. Also, check whether your laptop manufacturer is providing you the pressure damage under their product warranties or not.

Mostly, manufacturers don’t cover pressure damage under their product warranties but still, you can ask your laptop or Tv manufacturer about it.

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