What To Do If You Spilled Water On MacBook? [Here Is What To Do]

What should I do if I spilled water on my Macbook? Is there any way, that I can use to save my Macbook if I spilled water on it? What should I do if I accidentally spilled water on my Macbook? These are the questions of all Macbook users who spilled water on their Macbook accidentally.

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In this article, we will discuss what you should do if you accidentally spilled water on your expensive MacBook. We will discuss the best ways that you can use to save your Macbook from any big damage if you spilled water on it.

There is nothing more annoying situation than this if you accidentally spilled water on your thousand-dollar MacBook, as nobody wants to damage their laptop and this incident can happen to anyone, so spilling water on MacBook does not mean that you lose it totally, you can repair your MacBook after spilling water on it.

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Everyone wants to keep their expensive MacBook safe, and nobody wants to see it in a damaged, broken, or spilling water condition. So if you accidentally spill water on the MacBook don’t be worried we are here to provide you a full guide on what you have to do if you accidentally spilled water on your MacBook.

Read the step-by-step guide given below on how you can save your Macbook after spilling water on it:

Secure Yourself From Any Shock If You Spilled Water On Macbook:

First of all, security comes first, your life is more precious than your MacBook don’t panic if you spill water on MacBook, you have to unplug the power cable immediately and then hold down the power button to shut down the machine, by doing this immediately you will save yourself from short circuit.

Unplug Your Macbook Fast After Spilling Water:

If your laptop is running on the battery then you have to remove the cell hurriedly if possible (newer MacBooks don’t have an option of removing the battery until the 2012 models battery removing option is available). The faster you will turn off your laptop chances will be increased to save your system.

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If you spilled water on MacBook then don’t panic and stay away from it if your hands or any other body parts are wet, because if you are wet and you touch the laptop you can face the potential shock. In this situation, you have to first dry yourself completely and cut down the power by finding the main switch.

People make mistakes in this situation and they don’t turn off it, you have to immediately turn off it.

Down The Face Of Macbook Keyboard:

After unplugging the MacBook you have to down the face of your Macbook keyboard so that all the water that has been absorbed in the laptop keys can remove. Some people don’t do this step they take a cloth and start cleaning the water that spilled on it and thinks that the cloth will absorb the water.

Yes, the cloth will absorb the water but we have to face down the laptop keyboard first before cleaning the water from the cloth because by doing this all the water removes from the keys.

Use A Soft Cloth To Wipe All Water:

After doing the above steps you have to take a soft cloth or towel and place it over the laptop. After a few seconds slightly move down the cloth on your MacBook keyboard this way cloth can absorb the water.

A little problem you can face is if you spilled a sticky fluid on your laptop, as water can be removed easily but sticky fluid can create problems for you, but you can clean it as well with a soft towel or cloth.

Use Hairdryer To Dry Your Macbook:

After cleaning the water from the towel you have to dry down your laptop by using a hairdryer, all you have to do is take a hairdryer and start it.

Then blow the air on the laptop, and keep blowing the air on the laptop screen, keyboard, and its other parts for a few moments. 

If you are using the hairdryer then make sure that its air is not so warm, besides this you have to turn ON your room fan a full speed and keep your MacBook under it for a few minutes so that MacBook can dry completely.

Use Silica Gel Bag To Dry Your Macbook:

Another method of drying the laptop is to use Silica Gel Bag. Silica Gel Bag is used for absorbing moisture and keeping things dry, they are used in shoe boxes and in the packaging of shoe covers, leather bags and wallets, medicine bottles, electronics, and other consumer goods. 

You have to take a big bag which can be sealed properly and stop air from entering it, then you have to put your laptop in that bag and also place a silica gel bag into it. Make sure the air is not entering the laptop, sealed it perfectly after that you have to wait for approximately 72-96 hours and don’t open it. By doing this your laptop will repair and you can use it smoothly.

Leave Your Macbook For 96 Hours:

After putting your laptop into a big bag with silica gel you have to wait for 96 hours, don’t try to open it before 96 hours, do something else and during this time, after 96 hours open your bag and turn on it, you will definitely see that your laptop is running smoothly. If you feel curious about your expensive MacBook then go to the laptop repairing center near you and checked it with them.

Hurrah, you have completed all the steps and now, you can use it.

Precautions For Your Macbook:

Here are some precautions for your MacBook when you accidentally spilled water on it:

  • Unplug your device as soon as possible to avoid potential shock.
  • Don’t touch it if your hands or any other body parts are wet.
  • Take a soft towel and clean the laptop screen and keyboard with it.
  • Use a hairdryer to dry the laptop, make sure the air is not too warm as it can damage the laptop.
  • Use a silica gel bag to keep it dry.
  • Don’t touch the laptop for 96 hours when you placed it in the bag.

Congratulation, you have saved your MacBook after spilling water on it.

Bottom Line Of Spilled Water On MacBook:

As this incident can happen to anyone, so don’t worry about it just follow the steps that we have mentioned above to save your MacBook after spilling water from further damage.

Also, secure yourself first in this situation and don’t touch the Macbook if your hands are wet, first dry your hands and unplug the power then follow the further procedure.

If you follow all the instructions chances are high that you will save your Macbook after spilling water on it. But we can’t give a guarantee that your Macbook will be saved after you spilled water on it.

Also, it depends on the amount of water that you spilled on your Macbook. If you spilled too much water on your Macbook then it may damage it badly, but if you spilled a little amount of water on it, then by following the above-mentioned methods you can save your Macbook easily.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I spilled water on the Macbook keyboard what should I do?

Follow these steps if you spilled water on your Macbook Keyboard:

  • The first thing to do is turn off your MacBook and unplug it.
  • If you can’t turn it off, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. This will help to clear any stray electricity from inside the computer and stop it from frying any other components if there are any short circuits.
  • Then, take out your battery (if possible), disconnect all peripherals, remove the power cord and wait for a few hours for the computer to dry completely.
  • If any liquid got into the keyboard, remove all keys that weren’t affected by the spillage (they should be underneath) and put them in a silica gel bag for a few days before putting everything back together again.

Can a MacBook with water damage be repaired?

Water damage is one of the most common reasons for a device to stop working, and it can happen to anyone. If you are lucky, your Mac may still work after being exposed to water or other liquids. 

However, more likely than not, your MacBook will be damaged beyond repair due to corrosion and/or rust that occurs on the internal components when they come into contact with water.

If you want to listen to the short answer then Yes!, MacBook with water damage can be repaired. If you immediately dry the Macbook after spilling water using a hairdryer and place it under the fan for a few minutes and then keep the Macbook in Silica Gel Bag for approximately 96 hours then chances are high your Macbook will start working after 96 hours and you can use it smoothly.

In case your Macbook does not work after placing it in a silica gel bag then we recommend you to take help from Apple customer support and replace the damaged part of your Macbook. 

If you perform the above steps chances are high that your Macbook will start working after 96 hours.

How long should I leave my MacBook off after spilling water on it?

After drying it with a hairdryer and cleaning it with a soft cloth we recommend you to take it off after putting it in a silica gel bag for approximately 96 hours. This time is enough for draining water completely from your Macbook.

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