How To Remove Laptop Stickers Without Damaging Them – 5 Best Ways

How to remove laptop stickers without damaging them? This is a question that every laptop user asks after buying a new or second-hand laptop. Removing laptop stickers is not a difficult task as long as you follow the right instructions.

But if you start removing laptop stickers without proper instructions then chances are high that you might damage your laptop. You may get scratches on your laptop if you do not follow the right instruction before removing the stickers.

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In this article, we will discuss how you can remove stickers from your laptop safely without damaging them. We will discuss the 5 best ways of removing laptop stickers that are completely safe that you can use for removing your laptop stickers.

If you have bought a brand new or second-hand laptop, you have definitely seen the built-in stickers (stickers by brand) on it, Stickers are one of those things that we just don’t like to see on our laptops. But what if they’re stuck there because of an accident or some other reason?

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You may have seen people removing stickers from their laptops by using a razor blade. However, this method can be dangerous as it could scratch the surface of your laptop. So, here’s another way to do it!

We’ll show you how to easily remove them without causing damage to your computer! In this article, we will discuss how to remove stickers from the laptop without damaging it.

What Are Laptop Stickers & Their Purpose?

Laptop stickers are an amazing way of making the appearance of your laptop as well as differentiating your laptop in your office or the school.

Their sole purpose is for advertising if you bought a laptop from Hp, Dell, Lenovo, or other brands you will see their stickers on it, brands put stickers on the laptop for advertising purposes so that in the future you buy more products from them.

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How Many Types Of Stickers Are On The Laptop?

There might be 2 types of stickers on your laptop:

  • Personalized stickers
  • Stickers from laptop brand

Personalized Stickers:

Personalized stickers are a great way of expressing yourself, but these types of stickers can harm your laptop once you put these stickers on your laptop, it’s a quite difficult task to remove them if you have more than 2 years of putting stickers on them the laptop.

Stickers From Laptop Brand:

Some stickers on our laptops are sticking from our laptop brands these stickers are the identity of their brand and they put them for advertising and sometimes these stickers might be helpful for warranty claims.

Is It Possible To Remove Stickers From Laptop Without Damaging them?

Yes, of course, it is possible to remove laptop stickers without damaging them.

You may want to reconsider these stickers if they are a license key, serial number, or certification seal. Because sometimes absence of these stickers causes difficulty for the companies to manage them.

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So if your laptop is in a good condition and you want to sell it then we recommend you not remove the stickers from your laptop.

Apart from this if you want to remove stickers from your laptop without damaging them then here are the 4 best ways to do it.

  • By using a Hairdryer and heat gun
  • By using Rubbing alcohol or cloth
  • By using Lotion or oil
  • By using a Plastic card or knife
  • By using a Nail or razor blade

Methods For Removing Laptop Stickers:

Although laptop stickers are an amazing way for giving a personal touch to your computer and make it different from others, if you want to get rid of them then follow these easy and simple steps:

Use a Hairdryer or Heat Gun To Remove Stickers From Laptop:

You can easily remove laptop stickers by using a hairdryer or heat gun, all you have to do is start a hair dryer or heat gun and give heat to your laptop stickers for approximately 50 to 60 seconds, when you give heat to the stickers then take away the hairdryer from the stickers and peel the stickers very softly. 

Don not harshly remove stickers this will cause damage to your laptop surface.

Use Rubbing Alcohol To Remove Stickers From Laptop:

Using rubbing alcohol to remove stickers from laptops is another useful way.

By using rubbing alcohol you can easily remove stickers without damaging them.

To remove stickers using rubbing alcohol:

First, clean the surface around the stickers then apply rubbing alcohol on the microfiber cloth and rub softly for a few seconds, then wait for a few minutes and peel off the stickers. Don’t be impatient while peeling off the stickers because it can damage the surface.

Use Nails or A Plastic Knife To Remove Stickers From Your Laptop:

Another easy and quick way to remove stickers from the laptop is by using your nails or plastic knife. If your nails are large and old then you can peel the stickers very easily with nails or even you can use a plastic knife for removing the stickers.

Use a plastic knife very carefully if your laptop is made up of plastic or aluminum because it can damage the surface.

Use Warm Water & A Lint-Free Cloth To Remove Stickers:

By far it is the easiest and less risky method for removing the stickers.

You have to take warm water in a dish and put the lint-free cloth piece on the dish then rub that cloth softly on the stickers, do it for a few seconds while rubbing the cloth on the stickers they will remove.

How To Remove Personalized Stickers From The Back Of Laptop:

Remove Laptop Personalized Stickers
Laptop Personalized Stickers

Personalized stickers can be removed easily from the laptop.

By using a heat gun or hairdryer we can remove it easily.

First, start the hairdryer and give heat to the stickers for 10-15 seconds then peel and rub your fingers softly on the stickers they will remove easily.

Here is the quick video for removing the personalized stickers:

How To Remove Stickers from Laptop

How To Remove Residue or Adhesive That Left After Removing Stickers?

After removing the stickers from the above-mentioned methods you will see that residue or adhesive of the stickers remains on the surface of the laptop.

To remove the residue you can use wd-40 to completely remove it.

All you have to do is:

Shake the wd-40 can and spray this down on the residue and wait for 10 minutes, then take a tissue and wipe up the excess residue that seeped overall, then take any card that you are using on regular basis and with firm pressure scrape on the glue and residue, you will see the residue is removed completely. Take a tissue and wipe up all the wd-40 softly.

Here is the quick video for removing residue that is left after removing stickers:

Remove Residue from Laptop

Bottom Line of Removing Stickers from Laptop:

Removing Stickers from your laptop is not a difficult task we have discussed the 5 best and easy ways of removing personalized and brand stickers from your laptop without damaging them. If you use the above-mentioned method carefully same as we discussed then definitely you can save your laptop from any damage.

As we have mentioned many ways of removing stickers from the laptop, but by far the easiest and simple way to remove stickers from the laptop is by using warm water and a lint-free cloth

You can use any method to remove stickers from your laptop but we recommend going with warm water and a cloth.

After reading this article, on how to remove stickers from your laptop without damaging them we hope that you have removed stickers from your laptop easily.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Should I remove all the stickers from my laptop?

Well, it totally depends on you we have written all the possible ways for removing stickers. We recommend you to not remove the product key sticker, you may need it in some situations. If you want to give your laptop a customizing look then you can keep stickers on the laptop.

Can I put stickers on the backside of my laptop?

If you want to give a personalized look to your laptop then you can use put stickers on the backside of your laptop without any worry. You can use plastic decals because they are durable.

Will Removing Stickers from a Laptop Affect its Warranty?

If the sticker says don’t remove it then don’t remove it off, because it might be used in claiming the warranty from your manufacturer. Otherwise, peel out those stickers which look ugly.

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