How Many Cores Does Fortnite Use? [Ultimate Guide] – 2022

How many cores does Fortnite use in order to run? This is a question that many gamers ask those who want to play Fortnite on their laptop/PC. Gamers not only want to know the cores usage of Fortnite game but also they want to know some additional information about Fortnite game like is Fortnite heavy game? What are the system requirements for playing the Fortnite game? What is the best CPU for Fortnite? And also many other questions.

In this article, we will discuss everything about the Fortnite game its core usage, system requirements, and everything that a gamer who wants to play Fortnite should know.

So, before talking about the core usage of the Fortnite game let us first tell you what cores actually are.

What Are Cores In Computer?

A core which is also known as CPU core or processor core is the central processing unit of a computer. Core also refers to the physical area of a computer motherboard that contains multiple logic gates and transistors that operates in order to perform any function.

In short, your computer performance depends on the number of cores that you are using on your computer. The more CPU cores your computer has the faster your computer will run. 

A computer that has multiple cores in it can handle multiple tasks at one time without lagging or freezing. A dual-core processor has two cores in it, whereas a quad-core processor has four cores in it. Most of the computers that are in the market have at least two CPU cores in them, while some computers ha more than that.

As you know got the idea of what are cores in a computer and we know next you want to know how many CPU cores does Fortnite use? Am I right?. 
Well, to know about the cores usage of Fortnite game let’s first know which type of game is Fortnite. Is it a heavy game? Or a low-size game like Minecraft which doesn’t require many cores in order to run smoothly. So, let’s first discuss what type of game is Fortnite.

What Is A Fortnite Game?

Fortnite is a video game which is originally developed by Epic Games and was released in 2017. Fortnite started off as a cooperative sandbox survival game. Players built forts and traps to defend themselves against monsters in an expansive procedurally generated world. 

However, back in July 2017, developer Epic Games announced that it would be switching from cooperative play to a competitive multiplayer game. Similar in style and gameplay mechanics to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), both are considered battle royale games because they feature large groups of players fighting until there is only one player left standing. 

Known as a solo mode within Fortnite’s own community, some fans have decried its shift away from co-op play; however, other players have welcomed it with open arms.

Now, let’s come to the main point of this article, how many cores are needed to play the Fortnite game.

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How Many Cores Are Required To Play Fortnite?

As we said above the more CPU cores a computer has the faster it will perform any task. With its deep, complex gameplay and impressive graphics, Fortnite isn’t a light game. It has to use a lot of computing power for all that detail. 

Fortunately, it can make good use of all your computer’s resources by using more than one CPU core (central processing unit). That way, each task doesn’t have to wait in line behind others making everything run smoothly. 

In fact, with modern multi-core processors (4+ cores), you might find that fewer cores can actually harm performance; if too many tasks are constantly vying for your CPU’s attention, frame rates could drop.

Fortnite can run on 2 CPU cores but if you open some other programs on your computer and you are also playing Fortnite then you may face the freezing or lagging issue.

Your computer might get hot due to a heavy load and it can damage your system. So, if you don’t want to face any issues while playing the Fortnite game then we recommend you to go with 4 CPU cores. They are enough for playing it smoothly.

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Frequently Asked Question:

Is 4 Core enough for Fortnite?

According to Digital Trends, Fortnite is a good example of an experience that’s more CPU-bound than GPU-bound. It advises using at least an 8th generation Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 processor for 4K graphics and recommends something in that range with at least six cores if you want to stream, as well. 

With those suggestions in mind, a desktop with a minimum of 4 cores is probably enough for Fortnite; however, more cores would be better if you want to use it while streaming or doing other intensive tasks. 

Some laptops don’t have enough cooling capabilities and can overheat when playing games like Fortnite – especially on max settings – which could potentially shorten their life span.

Is 8 Core enough for Fortnite?

When you start playing Fortnite and you find that your PC’s hardware is struggling, it might be time to upgrade. A quick Google search reveals that players are experiencing performance issues due to a lack of CPU power. Some gamers have had success by increasing their core count and, in some cases, overclocking their CPUs.

So in this case you should increase the core of your computer in order to get the best gaming experience. If your system is a kind of old generation with a low processor and ram then 2 or 4 cores are not enough for playing the game. 

To get a better gaming experience you definitely need to increase the cores of your computer. But if your computer is the latest generation then 2 to 4 cores are enough for playing the Fortnite.

Can a GTX 650 run Fortnite?

Graphics cards are like shoes you have to try a bunch on before you find a pair that feels right. If you’re buying a graphics card for your PC, chances are that your current rig isn’t performing as well as you’d like. 

With all of these performance bottlenecks, it’s easy to see why gamers would want better hardware. Luckily, there is an answer in terms of graphics cards (at least until you max out at 4K resolutions): yes, even a $100-200 GTX 650 can run Fortnite. In fact, if your other specs are up to snuff and you have a decent resolution monitor (24′′+), it should run just fine.

Is 240 FPS good for Fortnite?

As you may have guessed, frame rate refers to how many frames per second (fps) your video card can play a game. This can also be called FPS, or frames per second in some games and matchmaking screens. 
A higher frame rate means smoother gameplay, while a lower one causes delays or stuttering. In Fortnite specifically, anything over 144 fps is perfectly fine for casual gaming, so get that quality up! There are currently no advantages of having more than 240 fps on your device.

Is Fortnite CPU-based or GPU-based?

For those wondering if their PC has what it takes to play Fortnite, Epic Games has confirmed that it’s very much a GPU-focused game. That doesn’t mean you can’t play on lower-end hardware, but it does mean you’re more likely to get higher frame rates and better performance from mid-range graphics cards, such as Nvidia’s GTX 1050 Ti or AMD’s RX 560. 
And when playing in your browser on a Macbook Pro? You’ll need either a 4th gen Intel i5 processor or better, along with 8GB of RAM or more for smooth performance.

Is Multithreading good for gaming?

A recent study suggests that multithreading processors are more responsive when playing battle royale games. By contrast, games like League of Legends and Dota 2 which require fast action and quick decision-making, do not show any improvement with multithreading processors. 

In theory, running these games on a multi-core system would be better than single-core but in reality, there isn’t enough overhead for additional threads to improve performance significantly. 

Additionally, there is little evidence from many other studies suggesting multi-threading greatly improves gaming performance. Still, we can expect future battle royale titles to make full use of their potential hardware resources. If you are planning on upgrading your gaming rig or purchasing a high-end desktop check out multithreaded processor benchmarks before purchasing your next processor.

Bottom Line of How Many Cores Does Fortnite Use:

After reading this article on how many cores are required to play Fortnite we hope that all your doubts will be clear about the Fortnite game. In general, you can play Fortnite if your computer has 2 cores, but for better gaming performance 2 cores are not enough.

Al least you need 4 cores for playing the Fortnite smoothly. The more CPU cores you use the better gaming performance you will get from your computer. 4 cores are enough for playing low-size games like Minecraft and Fortnite, but for playing heavy games you definitely need more than 4 cores.

For heavy games, 8 cores might be a good fit for you but for Fortnite 2 to 4 cores are enough.

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