How To Check Laptop Fan Is Working Or Not? [Full Guide]

How to check laptop fan is working or not? This is a question that is asked by many laptop users who did hear the sound of the fan while using the laptop.

If you are facing the same problem then don’t worry we will discuss it in detail in this article.

In this article, we will discuss how you can check whether the laptop fan is working or not. We will discuss the 5 best methods of checking the laptop fan working.

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Importance Of Laptop Fan:

Buying a new laptop means that you want it to run smoothly, if it’s not running smoothly then there is no benefit we are getting from it.

When you buy a new laptop and the laptop gets old hardware can start creating problems.

A laptop fan is a very important part of your system, if it’s not running smoothly it can crash your whole system slowly.

The laptop fan is essential for cooling internal components so that your system runs smoothly at maximum power and ensures long life and durability.

As laptop and computer hardware is designed to withstand certain temperatures and overwhelm your entire laptop, they can break.

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So your fan must keep working smoothly.

As a laptop fan is inside our system so we can’t see it from our eyes whether it’s running or not, but here are some easy ways we can use them to see our fan performance.

In this article, we will learn step by step how to check if your laptop fan is working or not by using 5 methods.

5 methods to check laptop fan is working or not:

1:  Listening to the sound of your laptop

2: Feeling wind coming from laptop

3: Using online tools/software

4: By pressing f12 at the startup

5: By checking the temperature

1: Listening to the sound of your laptop:

A whirring fan makes some noise,

  •  Turn on the laptop and start checking the noise coming out from your fan by simply putting your ear to the side where your fan is located.
  • If the fan does not start immediately don’t worry because the fan is running when your laptop is heating up by using some heavy kind of software, that might be gaming software,  video editing software, or any other kind of heavy software that is in your system.
  • Usually, the fan sound is smooth; If you notice a jagged and loud sound, the fan is probably broken, defective or dirty, so you must open the cabinet yourself or clean and replace the fan or seek the assistance of a mechanic.

If you hear the fan noise, then surely, they worked. However, pay attention to the sound quality.

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  • Did the sound crack?
  • Did you hear a crooked catching sound?
  • Do you feel that something is stuck and making a strange sound? Ask these questions yourself, because the sound of a laptop is always smooth and uniform. Any discrepancy means that you must check or correct it.

2: Feeling Wind Coming From Laptop:

Usually, a laptop or computer is designed for the ease of the user, so the fan noise is kept very small and it’s difficult to notice it.

You can easily notice the fan noise by using these two techniques:

  • Simply put a thin piece of paper or a piece of cloth in front of your fan and see the movement of paper or cloth, if the paper or cloth moving slightly then your fan is running properly.
  • Another way to check is by putting your hand in front of the laptop fan exhaust point, if the fan is running you will feel warm air in your hand.

These are the two easy ways to check the fan if it’s working or not.

3: Using Online Tools/Software For Checking Laptop Fan Working:

The above two methods are physical but if you don’t want to check laptop fans physically you can use software for checking the performance of your laptop or computer hardware.

There are too many softwares that are designed to check the hardware functionality of your laptop. They might be free or paid, but it’s a very easy way to check the in-depth hardware performance by performing a few steps.

We are suggesting you download and run the Burnin test and Core temp, and the good news is that this software is free you don’t have to pay a single penny for it.

This software tests the processor speed and heat of your laptop in a few seconds.

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By using this software you will be able to get in-depth knowledge of how your pc or laptop is performing, and also you will be able to know if there is any fault existing in your system if there is you can easily remove it.

Software For Checking Laptop Fan Working For Windows Users:

Real Temp, SpeedFan, easytune5,  Argus Monitor, HWMonitor, Zotac firestorm, etc., are some software for Windows users to check the fan speed, heat, and other hardware performance.

These softwares are not only for checking the fan of your laptop but they also provide you full control over your laptop hardware.

Among this software, SpeedFan and real temp are very popular for this purpose. You can control the speed of your laptop and have temperature control on your system.

By using this software you will know how much temperature is harmful to your laptop so when you reach that temperature you have to immediately shut down your computer to cool it.

Software For Checking Laptop Fan Working For Mac Users:

For mac users we recommend you to try the fanny or start menu to keep an eye on your system health and performance, these software are free to use for mac users.

But if you don’t want to perform the above-mentioned methods then no problem, there are also some windows based methods that you can try to check the laptop fan’s working performance.

4: By pressing F12 At The startup:

  • Turn off the computer and disconnect all devices.
  • Turn it on again, but press F12 repeatedly at the start.
  • You will be redirected to Windows Diagnostics. Here you can control the speed of your fans and get an idea of ​​whether the fan is working or not.

5: By Checking The Temperature Of Laptop:

If the fan is running but the temperature keeps rising, this can cause a potential motor problem, you know that many components are involved in a laptop cooling system.

If you want to know about it, download any hardware monitoring system (mentioned above) and check if the temperature is above 125 degrees even if you are not doing anything you should be aware that the fan or something throughout the system is broken.

Bottom Line – How To Check Laptop Is Working Or Not:

After reading this detailed article on “how to checking a laptop fan is working or not”, we hope that you will be able to check the working of your laptop fan.

A laptop fan is one of the most important parts of the system because it throws the heat out of its vents to run the overall system smoothly.

In this article we have discussed the all methods of checking the laptop fan works or not, the above two methods are used in most of the cases but you can also take help by using software like speed fan, real temp, and fanny for both windows and mac and also you can check it by checking the temperature.

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