How Many Laptops Can I Bring On Plane? [Best Guide – 2022]

How many laptops can I bring on a plane? This is a question that is asked by many laptop users who travel from one country to another or they have to travel locally by plane.

Many people want to take more than one laptop while traveling, one for their work and the other one for their personal use.

But the question is are more carrying 2 or 3 laptops in plane allowed? 

If allowed in which countries you can bring more than one laptop what are the rules and regulations of different airlines and agencies?

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Which type of laptops are banned on international and domestic flights? Can you use the laptop on the plane during a flight? 

There are many questions that people ask before taking their laptop into a plane for a domestic or international flight.

In this article,  we will discuss everything in detail about bringing laptops on planes while traveling. 

After reading this article, all of your doubts will be clear about “how many laptops you can bring on a plane”.

So, let’s start discussing this in detail.

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If you want a short and quick answer for bringing how many laptops on the plane the answer is:

Quick Answer:

There is no specific rule for bringing laptops on the plane, you can take more than one or two laptops on the plane, but it also depends on the country and local airport administration. 

Also, there are different rules for different countries or flights, but in most countries and flights, there is no restriction on bringing more than one laptop along with you while traveling.

Many local and international airlines have their own rules for taking luggage while traveling their rules can override the government rules.

But in most cases, passengers are allowed to carry more than one laptop with them during local and international flights.

As you get the short and quick answer of bringing laptops on a plane during flight, now let’s discuss this topic in detail.

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We recommend you to read the complete article, you will get useful information about bringing a laptop on planes.

How Many Laptops You Can Bring On The Plane?

The answer to this question depends on the country, airlines, and agencies.

When you travel from one country to another at the airport you and your luggage will be checked in a scanner x-ray machine.

There you will be checked by the airline agency and the airport customs officer team.

They will check your luggage in the x-ray machine and see whether you are taking something illegal thing with you or not.

If you take one, two, or even three laptops with you on a plane the airport authority will not say anything to you.

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You can easily take two or three laptops, but if your luggage is full of laptops then you may get into a problem.

The airport customs authority will mark it as an import/export business. You have to pay tax to them if you want to take many laptops with you.

But if you want to carry two or three laptops with you then there is no restriction on it, you can easily take them.

Things You Should Know Before Carrying Laptop In A Plane:

There are a few rules for bringing laptops on a plane that you should keep in your mind while traveling on domestic or international flights:

Before going to the plane always check the list of prohibited items.

  • Check the rules of different airports and airlines (TSA, IATA, TCCA CASA) before going.
  • Always pack your laptop in a bag which you carry on in your hand, not put your laptop in checked baggage.
  • Remove all the liquids, snacks, bottles, and any type of wet material from your carry-on before going into the x-ray machine.
  • You have to check with the airline rules whether your laptop bag counts as a carry-on bag or your personal item.
  • Always keep track of the electronics that you carry like mobile, laptops, etc, and remove them at the security checkpoints when needed.

How You Should Prepare Your Laptop For Travelling On Plane?

Here are a few tips that you should follow while preparing your laptop for domestic or international flights. 

By following these tips you will be safe from any threat and travel easily.

  • First, you have to remove all the accessories from your laptop like USB, cable, external hard drives, etc.
  • Remove any kind of security devices from your laptop like alarms, locks, etc. You don’t have to prominent your laptop to someone that you are carrying a laptop with you.
  • Put your laptop in a bag or a case which is specially designed for air traveling, your bag or case must be very soft and have enough space in it, if by mistake your laptop dropped on the surface it won’t damage.
  • Pack other things as well in the same way like your clothes, shoes, etc so they don’t get damaged on a plane when they are being carried to a plane with other luggage items.

Rules Of Different Airlines & Agencies On Bringing Laptop:

Almost all airlines allow their passengers to carry at least one laptop with them while traveling locally or internationally.

But when a passenger wants to bring multiple laptops with him, it depends on the country that you are visiting and the airlines.

Many airlines allow you to bring multiple laptops on a domestic flight but you are not allowed to bring a portable charger or spare battery with you.

On other hand some airlines only allow one or two laptops while traveling, it totally depends on the airline and the country you are visiting.

You can easily find the rules for bringing laptops on a plane by examining the airport security agencies that are working in many countries.

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So, let’s discuss the rules of different agencies in the world, we will discuss the most famous agencies in the world like TSA, IATA, TCCA, and CASA on bringing laptops to the plane during the flight.


The TSA(Transportation Security Administration) is a US-based agency working in different countries and airlines.

They put no limit on bringing a laptop with you on a plane during travel, but they restrict you from bringing batteries, chargers, and power banks.

You have to put your laptop into a separate bin before going toward the x-ray scanning machine. It will allow the x-ray machine to scan the device for enhancing security.


The transportation Canada Civil Aviation allows its passengers to bring multiple laptops on the plane. There is no restriction on bringing multiple laptops.


The international airport transportation association is a very famous agency working in more than 115 countries and consists of more than 290 airlines that also allow you to bring multiple laptops on the plane.


It regulates airline security in Australia, they allow you to take laptops with integrated batteries of up to 160 watts, you have to put your laptop in a carry-on bag, not in checked luggage.

They also allow you to bring multiple laptops on the plane.

Where You Should Put Your Laptop In A Plane? Carry-On Bad Or Checked Luggage?

Many people ask where they should put their laptop on a plane during a flight in a carry-on bag or checked luggage.

A wise choice is always to put your laptop in a carry-on bag, as a laptop is an electronic and sensitive device it can be damaged if you put it in your checked luggage.

Your items may be lost or stolen on the checked luggage or even it can be damaged when the custom team shifts your luggage from one place to another so chances are high that your laptop may be damaged.

That’s why it is always advised to put your laptop in your carry-on bag to minimize the risk of damaging or stealing.

Can You Use Laptop On Plane?

Many people also ask this question can they use their laptop on a plane?

The answer is yes, you can use your laptop on the plane if you have a flight time on your ticket. 

The flight time that is on your ticket must be greater than 2 hours in order to use your laptop.

Which Laptops Are Banned On The Plane?

There are some laptops that DGCA banned on the plane, you can not carry these laptops on the plane when you traveling from one country to another.

15-inch Macbook Pro which is manufactured between 2015 to 2017 is banned in all types of airplanes.

The FAA and TSA asked their passengers not to carry Apple Macbook Pro on the plane during flight because of the problem of overheating the batteries of these laptops, which may cause a disaster. 

Can You Take Your Computer On Plane?

Yes, you can take your computer on a plane during the flight, but most airlines allow their passengers to carry laptops, mobile,s, and tablets, but you can also take a computer on your plane.

But you have to place your computer in checked luggage and store it in the luggage compartment. 

Also, make sure you put your laptop in a bad which is quickly and easily accessible.

Final Thoughts On How Many Laptops Can You Bring On A Plane?

After reading this detailed article, we hope that you have got the answer to your question “how many laptops you can bring on a plane during a flight”.

The answer is simple, it depends on the airline agencies, and the country where you are traveling. 

Most airlines and agencies allow you to bring multiple laptops on the plane, but you can not take spare batteries, chargers, and power banks on a plane.

We have also discussed the rules of different agencies, and given you some tips on how you should prepare your laptop bag before traveling on a plane.

Some laptops are banned in the plane, which is Macbook Pro 15-inch and other Macbook pros due to their batteries that get hot very fast. 

Apart from these laptops, you can take any laptop on the plane.

After reading this article, we hope that all your doubts will be clear, if you have any questions related to laptops on a plane you can comment below, and we will answer them as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many laptops can I bring on a plane to Singapore airlines?

You can bring multiple laptops to Singapore airlines, but there is a restriction on the dimension of the laptop.

The dimensions of the laptop should not be more than 40x30x10cm each, no more than 80cm combining the width, length, and height.

How many laptops can you bring on British Airways flights?

British Airways allow their customers to carry one piece of hand luggage (laptop, handbag) during flight. 

The dimensions of the handbag must not exceed 56cm x 45cm x 25cm.

And the small items that you carry along with you must not be bigger than 40cn x 30cm x 15cm.

Can you bring a laptop on a plane without a case?

Yes, you can bring your laptop on a plane without a case, but you have to take it out of your bag and place it in a security bin when you are passing through a security check at the airport.

Can I carry 2 laptops on the plane?

According to TSA, CASA, IATA, and TCCA, you can bring multiple laptops on a plane while traveling from one place to another. There is no restriction on bringing 2 laptops on the plane.

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