How To Charge Laptop Battery For Long Life [11 Tips] – 2022

How to charge a laptop battery for long life? What are the tips for charging a laptop battery that lasts for many hours? These are the questions that laptop users ask.

If you just bought a brand new laptop or you are going to buy a new one for yourself we hope that you must consider these things before buying a good laptop.

Also, you are aware of the specifications of a good laptop and which laptop brands are most popular and reliable nowadays.

As you know laptop battery is an important part of the laptop in order to keep your laptop running, your laptop battery must work. The laptop battery provides power to the laptop which enables it to run.

But over time when you use your laptop, the battery health of your laptop decreases due to many reasons which could be overcharging, zero charging, and many others.

Imagine if you buy a thousand dollars laptops and due to some mistakes you damage your laptop battery then there is nothing more annoying than this.

You must take care of your laptop battery for its long life.

You even notice that when you buy a brand new laptop and you use it for 1 or 2 years its battery health decreases due to time or your misuse.

When your laptop battery health reaches below 40% you need to change your laptop battery.

But if you bought a new laptop by taking care of it properly you can use your laptop battery for a long time.

There are many reasons that can damage your laptop battery health and its performance.

We all know that a laptop battery is not a thing that you can use for a lifetime but there are a few things that you can do to make its life longer than expected.

In this article, we will discuss how you can charge your laptop battery for its long life and how you can increase the battery health of your laptop and use it for many years without any problem. 

By following our tips we guaranteed you that you will be able to use your laptop battery for a long time, and you will get good results from it over years of use.

So, without wasting time let’s start discussing these things in detail.

Here are a few simple tips to keep your laptop battery healthy and use it for many years without decreasing its health.

1. Keep Battery Percentage Between 40 To 80%:

The first thing that you have to do is to keep your battery percentage between 40 to 80 when you are using your laptop without plugin the charger. If you use your laptop this way you will increase the health of your battery.

If you use your laptop when its battery percentage is below 20% or you use it when the battery gets full you will damage your laptop battery very soon. Overcharging and low charging can kill your battery health. 

So, try to use your laptop when its battery percentage is between 40% to 80%. If you use your laptop battery this way you will get a good performance and longer life from it.

2. Don’t Leave The Charger Plugged In When Charging Is Full:

Another reason which can damage your battery health is that you do not plugged-out the charger when the battery gets full up to 100%. If you keep your charger plugged in regularly when its battery gets full it will slowly start killing your battery life, you will see your battery timing will decrease slowly and if you do this for a few weeks your battery will damage badly.

Although in most modern laptops when your battery gets full up to 100% it will stop charging the laptop and the power that the charger is providing is diverted to the system instead.

This will happen in only modern laptops but what if your laptop is old and you do the same on your old laptop? Then definitely overcharging will damage your battery badly. So, try to avoid overcharging it.

3. Keep Laptop In The Cool Place:

Laptops are not built to be used on your lap, if you use a laptop on your lap it will burn your skin or there are many other disadvantages of it. The laptop’s built-in cooling fan is not powerful enough to keep it cool down when you are running heavy programs on your laptop like Photoshop, Solidworks, etc.

In order to keep your laptop cool while running heavy or multiple programs at a time, you should use laptop cooling pads or cooling stands that keeps your laptop cool during its use. 

Keep in mind heat is the biggest enemy of your laptop, it can be in the form of the hot air that vents out from your laptop or either in the form of heat that reaches a laptop. For example, if you place your laptop in a hot car or in direct sunlight then it can damage your laptop badly.

So, it’s recommended that you keep your laptop on a table and keep it away from the hot temperature to increase its life.

4. Avoid Using Many Chargers:

One of the main reasons that cause of damaging your laptop battery is using different chargers to charge your laptop battery instead of using your original charger.

You can use other laptop chargers to charge your laptop, but it’s not recommended to use these kinds of chargers for a long time. The reason behind this is that when you use a low-quality or voltage charger in your high-voltage laptop your laptop battery will charge slowly and it will decrease the battery lifespan.

So, try to use the original charger that is provided by your laptop manufacturer because other chargers will damage your battery.

5. Activate Battery Saver Mode:

By activating battery saver mode you will be able to increase your battery life. Enabling these features is recommended only when you are just doing web surfing or word processing and not doing any kind of heavy work like photo editing, video editing, etc on your laptop.

In order to enable the battery save mode, click on the battery icon on your laptop and enable the battery saver mode. By enabling this feature you may notice a performance loss if you are playing games, or doing some heavy work. But if you don’t do the heavy work you will not see the performance loss.

6. Unplug Unused Accessories:

When you are using your laptop on a battery then you should remove the unused accessories from it like the external webcam, external hard drive, cables, etc to increase the battery life.

If you don’t need these things then remove them from the laptop, because these accessories consume much battery power.

7. Plug The Charger Before Battery Die:

If you are using your laptop battery when it gets too low or below 20% then you are damaging your laptop battery slowly. If possible never drain your laptop battery below 20%, when you see the notification of the battery is low or below 20% immediately start charging your laptop.

This way you can increase the battery life of your laptop a little bit and your charging capacity will increase.

8. Keep Your Screen Brightness Low:

In some cases, you need the screen brightness high but it’s not recommended at all. High brightness will damage your eyes and your eyesight might be affected.

But by using the laptop brightness low you can easily increase the battery life of your laptop. High screen brightness will drain your battery life so fast and if you use your laptop with high brightness you will not only damage your eyes but also could damage your battery.

Although when you turn on the battery safe mode it will automatically adjust the brightness of your screen and keep it low if you don’t want to turn on the power saving mode then keep the brightness of your laptop low.

9. Turn Off Bluetooth & Wi-Fi:

If you don’t need connectivity and you are just doing the work on your laptop like word processing or watching movies or listening to songs on your laptop that you saved on your laptop, then in this situation you should turn off the WiFi.

Also, if you don’t need the Bluetooth and you are using handsfree instead of Airpods then it’s recommended to turn off the Bluetooth to increase the battery life. 

10. Buy An SSD For Your Laptop:

If you want to get good performance from your laptop and you want your laptop to do the desired task very fast then we recommend you buy an SSD for your laptop.

SSD is a (Solid-State-Drive) which stores the data in your laptop. It is a kind of HDD (Hard Disk Drive) but it is much faster than it. You simply have to buy an SSD from the market and then install this SSD on your laptop.

After installing SSD on your laptop you will see that your laptop performance is very fast. Although in modern laptops SSD is pre-installed if you have an old laptop then you can buy an SSD and install it on your laptop. It will charge you only a few bucks.

11. Replace Battery When It’s Health Gets Below 40%:

No matter how well your laptop or battery is, as time goes both will start creating problems for you. A laptop is an electronic device that is not built to use for a lifetime.

If you are using your laptop for a long time you may notice that some of the parts of your laptop are damaged slowly and no matter if we take care of it very much some parts of the laptop got infected.

The average lifespan of a laptop battery is 3-5 years but many laptop users’ batteries are damaged before 3 years due to their carelessness. But if your battery health gets below 40% then it’s time to replace your laptop battery.

Once your laptop battery gets below 40% then its internal system starts damaging and it will take much time on charging the battery and spends only a few minutes or hours on the battery. 

So, when your battery health drops below 40% it’s recommended to change your battery life.

Bottom Line Of How To Charge Battery Of Laptop For Its Longer Life:

After reading this detailed article, we hope that you will get the answer to your question which is “how to charge a laptop battery for its long life”, and also you will be able to charge your laptop battery correctly and increase its lifespan.

In order to increase the battery life of your laptop, you have to follow the tips that we have mentioned above.

By following these tips you will not only increase the lifespan of your battery but also you will get good performance from your laptop battery.

So, try to follow these tips in order to increase the battery life.

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