Are Asus Computers Good? Is Asus A Reliable Laptop Brand?

Are you thinking about buying an Asus laptop and thinking about whetherAre Asus computers good?, Should we buy an Asus laptop?, Are they worth it?.

If all these questions come into your mind related to the Asus brand and you are a little bit confused about buying the Asus laptop, don’t worry.

This article will discuss everything about Asus computers/laptops, their history, reliability, durability, pros & cons, and all those questions that can come into every buyer’s mind before purchasing an Asus laptop.

Asus Brand History:

Asus is a Taiwan-based multinational company which is established in 1989.

It is the 5th largest pc vendor in the world with a market share of 5%; number 1 is Lenovo which captures 24% of the market share in manufacturing pcs and laptops, and number 2 is HP, with a market share of 22% according to Wikipedia.

In 2020 Asus’s net income was $28.4 billion. They have a wide range of laptops for every type of budget. Asus has received 1800 awards for its performance, design, and incredible innovation work.

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Are Asus Computers Good?

Asus computers are very popular in the market and commonly known for their high design, performance, and low budget.

Asus produces laptops for low-budget and high-budget users, which means if someone doesn’t have too much money, he/she can buy an Asus laptop on a low budget.

Asus produces high-quality and expensive laptops such as Asus Rog Zephyrus Duo SE.

Asus mainly focuses on budget laptops; they know that not everyone can afford expensive laptops, so they provide them to customers according to their budget.

As Asus provides high-performance laptops on a low budget compared to other brands, so Asus computers are really good and worth buying.

Is Asus A Reliable Laptop Brand:

Asus is a reliable laptop brand, the 5th biggest in the world after Apple, HP, Dell, and Lenovo.

Despite its performance, Asus is a very underrated brand compared to others. They are providing laptops with high specifications on a low budget.

Their laptops are very popular among Students, Gamers, Professionals, and Personal/Home users. Their laptops are portable and durable.

Asus has a comprehensive product line of computing devices of various sizes to meet customer needs and provide a better user experience. Gaming equipment and the business they do.

In addition to affordability, Asus notebooks offer top-performance, highly optimized processors that can handle heavy workloads in the long run. As one of the most trusted computer manufacturers, it has made a name by offering users customized options.

So, after discussing its features, we would say that Asus is a reliable laptop brand in the market.

You should buy it if you are a student, gamer, or businessman.

Is Asus A Good Laptop Brand? Should You Buy It?:

Yes, Asus is a good laptop for you as their average life is 3 to 5 years which means you can use an Asus laptop for 3 to 5 years without facing any issues.

So the question is should you buy an Asus laptop? The answer is yes; you should buy an Asus laptop if your budget is low or high.

They manufacture budget laptops and focus on producing the best laptops on a low budget.

So, you can buy an Asus laptop for your needs.

Why Are Asus Laptops So Cheap Compared To Other Brands?

Asus’s main goal is to provide high-design and performance laptops on a lower budget.

As you know, Vivo and Oppo make some pretty powerful smartphones in the smartphone industry that can easily charge a lot more for it if they use premium materials instead of focusing more on delivering performance at a lower cost.

Like Vivo and Oppo, some computer companies like Asus focus more on performance and less on build quality or supplying the most advanced parts.

That does not mean that Asus is not providing expensive laptops. Like other brands, Asus also manufactures some expensive laptops which are powerful.

What Are The Best Asus Laptops In The Market Nowadays:

Asus is the most reliable laptop brand in the world; they have manufactured many laptops in their lineup.

The most popular and powerful laptop series are Zenbook Series and Vivobook series which are easily affordable.

Another series of Asus, the Rug series, is the most powerful in performance. Asus Zenbook Pro Duo and Asus Vivobook 15 are the best models. Some other series of Zephyrus and TUF is also very powerful and reliable.

Asus Design & Durability:

Like other laptop brands, Asus’s design and build quality are very good. They are producing sleek, stylish thin, and lightweight laptops that users like.

Asus offers a high level of aesthetics while building the devices, as they pay great attention to aesthetics. ASUS has taken a step forward with its design philosophy based on modern methods and contemporary architecture, continuously monitoring the quality of the materials used in each device.

Asus laptops’ durability is excellent; their average life is around 3 to 5 years, so that you can use them without any errors.

Their machines are very powerful, and they can easily bear the load of heavy work.

Asus Laptop Pricing:

Asus’ primary goal is to provide budget laptops for every kind of customer, and their prices are low compared to other brands. 

They produce laptops for every budget; if your budget is low and you want a laptop with good design, performance, portability, and durability, then Asus is a brand waiting for you.

Asus laptop’s pricing ranges from $200 to $3000. All the devices have their design, performance, and durability, but if you purchase an Asus laptop ranging from $500-$800, then you can expect good design and performance.

Asus Laptop Warranty:

Like other laptop brands, Asus also gives a warranty on each device. They provide a basic warranty of 1 year which can be extended up to 3 years through Asus premium care.

Their customer support is not active and fast compared to HP, Dell, etc., and they have very limited customer centers.

Still, they can assist their customers through emails and phone calls, but you have to wait for their responses because their customer support is not much fast.

But the good thing about Asus laptops is that their machines are very heavy, and you don’t need their customer support; you will not face any issues while using their laptop.

Compare Asus With Other Brands:

If we compare Asus with other brands like Dell, HP, and Apple, other brands are definitely good to Asus because other brands demand high prices for their laptops because those brands have a good market capture and can demand as much money as they can they want.

The good thing about Asus is that they provide budget laptops in every price range. Also, their performance, design, and durability are good, so if you want a good laptop on a minimum budget, always go with Asus as they provide good performance on a minimum budget, which other brands don’t.

Pros & Cons of Asus Laptop Brand:

  • Asus provides a good display and screen size.
  • They are Innovative in design and performance.
  • They provide accident protection plans for some devices.
  • They provide a wide range of laptops for every kind of user.
  • Asus laptops prices are very low as compared to other laptops brands.
  • They provide gaming laptops with high performance on less budget.
  • Some of their models come with a touchable screen.
  • They also provide 2 in 1 laptops.
  • Asus laptops are durable for up to 3 to 5 years.
  • In some low-quality models, battery timing is not good.
  • Some lower models are heavy in weight.
  • There is no CD/DVD driver in some laptops which can be frustrating for some users.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Asus Laptops Good For Students?

The answer is yes; Asus laptops are mainly built for Students, Office Workers, and Gamers. Asus laptops are low-priced, and students cannot spend thousands of dollars on their laptops, so they are providing the laptops for students on an affordable budget.
So, if you are a student, you can buy an Asus laptop for your school or college ranging from $300 to $800.

Are Asus Laptops Good For Gaming?

Yes, Asus laptops are good for playing heavy gaming, as gaming laptops require much RAM, Storage, and a good processor compared to student laptops, so that’s why Asus gaming laptops are slightly more expensive than students’ laptops.
Their powerful machines can play any heavy game without hanging or freezing.

Bottom Line: Are Asus Computers Good? Should You Buy Asus Laptops?:

In this article, we have discussed Asus’s laptops/computers in detail. We agreed that Asus computers are overall good.

You should buy an Asus laptop if your budget is limited and you want excellent features on your low budget.

Asus also has some heavy laptops at a high price; you can buy them.

If your budget is high, we recommend buying a good Asus laptop that can do any heavy work.

Now the decision is yours whether you want to purchase an Asus laptop or you will go with other brands like HP, Dell, Lenovo, or Apple.

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