Are Chromebooks Good for Students? Should You Buy in 2022?

Are Chromebooks good for school and college students? This is the question that is in the mind of almost every student when he is going to buy a Chromebook for his study.

This question can come into the mind of every person whether a Chromebook is good for him or not.

But the answer to this question simply depends on the requirements of the students. Let us tell you Chromebooks are very popular among school and college students compared to Windows and Mac.

If we answer this question are Chromebooks good for students or not then the short answer is yes, Chromebooks are really worth it for students they are more secure than Windows & Mac. 

But in some situations, Chromebooks are not good for the students which we will discuss later in the article.

We will discuss the pros and cons of Chromebooks, and which students need Chromebooks and which don’t.

If you have a doubt in your mind about whether are Chromebooks really good for students or not we guarantee you that after reading this article you will be able to make the decision whether you should buy Chromebook or not for your school or college study.

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So, let’s discuss everything about Chromebooks.

What Is Chromebook & How Does It Works?

Before discussing whether our Chromebook is good for students or not let’s first discuss what Chromebook actually is. Chromebook is a kind of laptop that is running on Chrome OS instead of Windows or Mac.

It is specially designed for running apps that are web-based like Google Apps, Android Apps, etc.

You need a strong internet connection in order to use the Chromebook because it is based on the Chrome OS which is web-based and in order to access the web-based os you need a good internet connection.

Chromebooks are more securer than Windows laptops because they use the web-based os so there is no chance of malware attacks. Students who use Chromebooks said that they are more securer than Windows laptops.

So, if security is a thing that is important to you then there is nothing best option for you except Chromebook.

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Should You Buy A Chromebook for College?

The answer to this question depends on what you’re looking for in a computer.

A Chromebook can be useful to students who have limited computing needs and don’t want to spend much money on their schoolwork computer, but it will not work well if you need to run powerful software, store lots of files, or use certain Windows programs. 

If you are a school student and you don’t need the windows based software and your main purpose is to do web surfing and using google docs and android apps then there is nothing best option for you except Chromebook.

When You Should Buy A Chromebook:

You should buy a Chromebook if you are a school student or if you don’t need any windows based or specific software like video editing, or graphic designing then you can go with it.

The one reason that you should buy Chromebook is that they are really cheaper than Windows and Mac laptops.

So if your budget is short and you cannot spend more than $400 to $500 on buying a laptop for your school work or just for entertainment purposes then there is nothing best option for you except Chromebook. 

Chromebooks are really cheaper anyone can afford them you can buy a Chromebook even if your budget is not more than $200. They are best if you just want to do web surfing and word processing, and want to watch movies on Netflix, or Youtube apart from your study.

What Is So Different About Chromebook From Traditional Laptop:

Before you rush to buy one, you need to understand what makes a Chromebook different from any other laptop. For starters, there’s no hard drive (unless you add one yourself). 

Instead, everything lives in Google’s cloud, including your e-mail account and files. This means that if you lose or break your computer, all of your data can easily be restored onto another machine. 

If your computer is stolen, whoever steals it won’t be able to access any of your personal information on Google Drive. All in all, it can be very freeing not having to worry about backing up and protecting all of your information every time something goes wrong with a device!

Like a Windows laptop in Chromebook, you don’t need to install Windows, update it after a few days or weeks, you don’t have to update drivers in short Chromebook will save the time that a windows user spends on the maintenance of its os. Chrome OS is very simple and user friendly and popular among students.

Here are the pros and cons of buying a Chromebook for a student so that you can make an informed decision.

Which Type of Students Need a Chromebook:

Chromebooks are great for school and college students who need to move around and get work done at various locations. They’re lightweight, fast, and affordable

Chromebooks are perfect for those school and college students who don’t need any windows based software and whose sole purpose is to do everything on the web.

You can do web surfing, and word processing and can use chrome built-in apps free of cost.

There’s no need to lug a heavy laptop around when you can have access from anywhere with an internet connection. Plus, it’s nice to know that your computer will still function even if there isn’t an electrical outlet nearby.

Chromebooks are very lightweight as compared to Windows and Mac laptops the coolest feature of Chromebook is that almost all the Chromebooks are convertible you can use them as a tablet as well. Due to this feature, they are very popular among students.

Which Students Don’t Need A Chromebook?

As we have discussed above which types of students can use Chromebook now let’s discuss which students are not able to use Chromebook.

As we already told you that Chromebooks use the Chrome OS which is a cloud-based os and cannot be accessible without an internet connection.

So if you are studying in a technical field like engineering, or you need some kind of windows software like Android Studio, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, etc, or any other kind of windows based software then Chromebooks are not for you.

In this case, you should pick a windows-based laptop because Chromebook is not able to run these types of windows-based software.

But if you are not studying engineering and you don’t need windows software and you want a laptop at a low price for entertainment and introductory study then there is nothing best choice than Chromebook. 

Because there is no benefit of buying a $1000 plus laptop if you don’t need to run Windows software and you want a laptop just for web surfing and using google apps.

Does Every Student Get Benefit From Chromebook?

Well if we answer this question shortly the answer is No!. Every type of student cannot get benefit from the Chromebook. It is best for only those students who don’t want to run windows-based software.

There are a lot of benefits to using Chromebook in student life. To start with, it is compact, versatile, and convenient to carry. It makes it easy to take notes, view slideshows, or even write assignments on it. 

One can bring it wherever he/she wants as if it is just an ordinary laptop bag! Moreover, there is no need to worry about its security because everything will be saved safely in your Google account and one can access his/her data everywhere through Google docs.

Also, there are many apps available for students in the Chrome Store that helps students access everything they need on time without even downloading them. And so much more.

Apart from windows based software users, it is best for web surfers and all those people who want a laptop for entertainment.

Is Chromebook Good for Online Classes?

Well, it totally depends on the field of your study, if you are a school student and you want to just use the Zoom app for taking classes and want to do some web surfing, word processing, and using google built-in apps then Chromebook is best for you for taking online classes.

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But if you want to run windows-based software for study then Chromebook is not for you, it is good for you only when you want to just take classes and do video conferences with your friends and family.

Pros & Cons of Chromebook:

  • Cheap: Chromebooks start at $149, which is less than half the price of an entry-level Windows laptop. Chromebooks are much less expensive than most other laptops on the market today. In fact, many models cost less than $200! You can usually get a quality Chromebook for around $300-400.
  • Fast: Chrome OS uses Google’s Chrome browser as its operating system, so it’s lightweight and fast. It boots in seconds and can be used on almost any internet connection (including your phone).
  • Lightweight: Most Chromebooks weigh less than three pounds, which is great for carrying around school or work.
  • Safe: Chromebooks don’t require antivirus software because they run web applications instead of programs that could get infected with malware or viruses (like Windows). They also come with built-in security features like a firewall and automatic updates to keep your device safe from hackers and other intruders online.
  • Easy to Use: Chromebooks are designed for people who spend most of their time online, but they’re also simple enough for anyone to use. If you’ve ever used a smartphone or tablet, you’ll know how to use a Chromebook in no time at all.
  • Offline Access: They have offline access to many apps and services. One of the big benefits of using a Chromebook is that even if you don’t have an internet connection available, you can still use many of its built-in apps (such as Gmail).
  • This means that even when you’re traveling or in areas with poor connectivity, you’ll still be able to access some important information on your device – perfect if you need to finish work while waiting at the airport or train station!
  • Long battery Life: If we talk about the battery life of the Chromebook you will be amazed that Chromebooks have a very long battery life in almost every model. Every Chromebook has average battery life ranging from 7 hours to 12+ hours, which is really incredible at a low price.
  • Chromebooks are not very good for gaming.
  • You can’t play video games on a Chromebook in 2019.
  • There are hundreds of different Chromebooks out there, which makes it hard to find one that’s right for you.
  • They only have limited storage space compared to other laptops, so if you need extra space for photos or videos then this might not be the best option for you.
  • They are not powerful as Windows or Mac laptops.
  • The Chrome OS isn’t as widely supported by some apps and programs as, say, Windows or macOS.

Bottom Line of Are Chromebooks Good for Students:

Get one. The Google Chrome operating system, or Chromium OS, is based on Linux, and so it’s relatively immune to threats from Windows-based viruses and malware.

Plus, your hardware will likely stay safe from harm as well because these systems require little electricity and can use SD cards to function independently of other devices (provided you have an internet connection). 

If you’re tired of having your time wasted by faulty Windows applications that aren’t properly supported by Microsoft’s security updates and patches, consider buying a Chromebook instead. 

In addition to being more secure than traditional laptops, they’re also durable (perfect for clumsy students), battery-efficient and inexpensive.

Any student who doesn’t need complex software should seriously consider getting one of these machines before college starts. They won’t regret it!

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